Real Estate Services

As an experienced developer, investment manager and owner of real estate, Tishman's real estate services include the following:

Investment analysis and strategic review: In light of Tishman's in-depth and real-time understanding of market developments, it can assist lenders, owners and operators in thoroughly analyzing real estate investments, as well as in reviewing and evaluating strategic alternatives designed to maximize asset value.

Portfolio asset management: Tishman applies its ownership expertise to provide oversight and guidance on all aspects of owned real estate assets: operational, physical, financial and disposition.

Development management: Tishman has the experience and expertise to manage and control all aspects of real estate development, from initial feasibility and market analysis, through planning and design, to construction and project completion. For ongoing developments, Tishman can rapidly mobilize and step in as development manager or as third-party advisor.

Land use/zoning/adaptive reuse: Accurate understanding of use and zoning related issues is critical for any repositioning or redevelopment project. Tishman can utilize its substantial in-house resources to advise clients on these topics, as well as coordinate the efforts of any other specialty advisors.