Hotel Management

Tishman has managed a total of over 50 hotels including over 20,000 rooms and has acted as third-party advisor to other hotel stakeholders as well. Tishman’s wide range of hospitality services include:

Hotel management: Tishman's dedicated hotel operations, marketing, food and beverage and other hospitality professionals implement industry best practices in all sizes and types of properties; independent, branded, urban, resort and airport.

Hotel asset management: Given that hotels are operating businesses and not passive real estate investments, Tishman provides active oversight and hands-on involvement in order to improve a hotel's operating performance and maximize value.

Immediate management takeover: Tishman has the required resources and organizational infrastructure to quickly mobilize and take over management of hotels under financial distress or receivership.

Operations and market analysis: Tishman assists clients by conducting comprehensive assessments of all aspects of hotel operations, marketing and physical plant, as well as by providing current and methodical analyses of hotel markets. These analyses can potentially result in specific improvements to various operating practices, physical conditions and hotel brand/positioning.